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A 1 day couples retreat to overcome resentment, deeply communicate, connect and re-create your relationship, without wasting years in counselling or therapy sessions.

Saturday 13th April 2024, Perth, WA

Retreat begins in...

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at the retreat you will...

  • ​Recreate Your Relationship for better communication & connection in 5 hours or less without sharing your dirty laundry with everyone 
  • ​Learn powerful communication & connection skills so you can finally feel like your partner understands what you mean when you ask for connection because we are going to show you how
  • ​At the end of this 1 day retreat you will have an exciting, new relationship vision which means you will spend less time arguing and more time creating your dreams together
  • ​Bring the spark back and learn how to prioritise your relationship to experience deeper intimacy 
  • ​Create your very own relationship plan so that you feel aligned with your future goals
  • ​Get powerful tools to use day to day for better connection and help your partner to open up
  • ​Relax at a stunning beachfront location together, enjoy delicious grazing tables and have fun whilst learning new tools for your relationship
Re-create Your Relationship Retreat is a new way for couples to learn how to communicate & connect, without counselling or therapy sessions! 

THIS is FOR you IF...

  • Communication feel's like room mates and all your conversations revolve around kids, work and chores. ​
  • ​You don’t feel a lot of deep connection on a daily basis and deep down you crave it. 
  • ​You're asking for more 'connection' in your relationship but your partner is clueless about how to meet your needs.
  • ​Your relationship is getting lost between the mundane of life and work. 
  • ​You feel like you've lost your spark and you're struggling to find the time to prioritise the relationship. 
  • ​You desire more connection but there's just one problem, you're mentally and emotionally exhausted so intimacy goes on the back burner and your both left feeling disappointed.
But NOT for much longer... If you join us at our next Re-create Your Relationship Retreat we will teach you the art of connection and show you how to Re-Create Your Relationship so that you never lose your spark again!



Saturday 13th April, 2024


9:30 AM - 2:30 PM


Perth, WA
Quinns Mindarie Community Centre


The Re-Create Your Relationship Retreat is the easiest way to go from struggling to communicate to deeply connected in just 5 hours!

Say goodbYE to...

  • ​Going to bed feeling stressed, resentful and frustrated because you you don't feel supported and end up arguing about who's doing more in your relationship.
  • Day to day you feel more like 'room mates' then partners because all you communicate about is chores, kids & work. 
  • ​​Feeling like you've lost your spark because there is ZERO connection and no time or energy left for intimacy.
  • ​Always struggling to talk about how you feel because it always leads to a fight and disappointment.
  •  Hoping things will change but feeling 'helpless' and 'clueless' about how to get out of this rut.

instead you'll...

  • ​Wake up in the morning feeling happier & lighter because you've learnt how to connect and communicate better.
  • Never feel like you've lost your spark again because you now know how to re-create your relationship and keep the spark alive. 
  • ​​Feel excited about spending quality time together and enjoy each others company because you now understand the art of connection.
  • ​Feel safe and comfortable to speak about how you feel without judgement or fighting because now you understand how to communicate to each other so that you feel understood.
  • Deciding to re-create your relationship vision together so that you feel like a 'partnership' and are aligned with your future goals.

WHAT to expect... 

At our retreat you will discover a practical & simple approach to relationships that actually works. 

Finally say goodbye to resentment and say hello to deeper connection and more communication than ever before! 

Create your new relationship vision to get aligned with your goals and feel like a 'powerful partnership'!


Hey, we are Aston and Adam, husband and wife, parents and relationship coaches. We are here to help you create the relationship you've always dreamt of. 

We work with couples to reconnect with their partners, rebuild their relationships, and create the deep, meaningful connections that they crave. ​ We are so passionate about this work and deeply care because we have been where you are. 

Four years ago after the birth of my second child I started to notice a difference in my relationship with my husband. We had been married 6 years at this point and we were not connecting and communicating like we used to.​ 

My biggest fear was that my husband and I were drifting apart and we were not modelling love and relationships in a healthy way to our children. We were doing the best we could with what we knew but deep down we knew we could do better, if we had the time, space and someone showed us how. 

From that moment we made a commitment to put each other first again. We invested in programs, courses, retreats and worked with coaches to learn what we didn't know about how to create the relationship of our dreams and desires.​ We now feel like a team again, we understand each other, we are deeply communicating & connecting and experience MORE love, passion & intimacy than ever before. 

We want the same for you and we're here to support you and guide you to bring back the communication, connection, happiness and love again at the Re-create your relationship Retreat. Click the button below to join us.

what you'll get...

  • ​2 x tickets to the retreat (WORTH $997)
  • ​Get our Recreate Your Relationship Vision framework to Re-Create Your Relationship (WORTH $197)
  • ​Get our priority system hack to get back time for your relationship (WORTH $147)
  • ​Communication checklist to understand your partner better (WORTH $97)
  • ​Couples ice-bath experience to learn how to regulate your nervous system together (WORTH $97)
  • ​Powerful breath-work journey to release resentment and let go of the past (WORTH $297)
  • ​Ceremonial Cacao to show you how to reconnect and open your heart to each other (WORTH $97)
  • ​A comprehensive workbook for lasting transformation (WORTH $47)
  • ​A delicious grazing table and drinks (WORTH $67)


  • ​A 1:1 Relationship Breakthrough session with Aston (WORTH $379)
  • ​1 x group zoom call 1 week after the Retreat for questions & further support (WORTH $497)

TOTAL VALUE = $2,919 


The Re-create Your Relationship Retreat is valued at $2,919 but for a limited time secure your place for only $650 when paid in full (price includes 2 x tickets). 

Therefore, making it only $325 per ticket for an unforgettable day of love, connection and transformation!


Payment plan option of only 5 x weekly payments of $156 (Please note payment plan is 20% more). 

ONLY 20 couple spots available. 

This is currently our only retreat available so once all spots are sold there is no way of joining us.

So secure your ticket now to avoid missing out!

WHAT happens next... 

  • ​As soon as you place your order, we will email you a confirmation to celebrate you for investing in your most important relationship.
  • ​The email will include a welcome pack with everything you need to know and your next steps. 


  • ​Full drink bottle
  • ​Yoga mat
  • ​Bathers & towel
  • ​Small blanket & pillow if you like
  • ​Notebook & pen
  • ​An open mind
Hear What Other Couples Are Saying ABOUT THE RETREAT
Heidi & Griff
Brooke & Corey
Chloe & Jon
Mel & Wayne
Chloe & Jon
Brooke & Corey
"It’s been really good. We are NOT normally 
“lovey dovey” But family and people around us are noticing a difference in how we interact with each other and saying it’s nice to see us being this way with each other. Even our kids have noticed a difference.”
Mel & Wayne
"So far its been a combination of really fun with hubby but also a little bit challenging, but that's what we came here for. Good tears, releasing things and connecting in ways we wouldn't have if we didn't come here today."
Emily & Reece
"Relaxing so far and just interesting listening to other people having the same issues. What I came in thinking what I needed it isn't that and possibly going on a different path with something I need to move forward with."
Jasmine & Daniel


The Recreate Your Relationship Retreat is valued at $2,919 But you can secure your place today for ONLY $650 and SAVE a massive $2,269!


Where is it?
The Re-Create Your Relationship Retreat is being held at the Quinns Mindarie Community Centre which is located at 2 Quinns Road, Mindarie, WA, 6280. This is a state of the art facility which is modern, light, bright and located right on Quinns Beach with amazing ocean views.
When is it?
The event kicks off on Saturday the 13th April 2024 and will run from 9:30am - 2:30pm.
How does it work?
The Recreate Your Relationship Retreat fuses personal growth, transformative breath-work, heart-opening cacao rituals and powerful connection exercises. Prepare to have your mind expanded and your heart cracked wide open, all within a transformative 5-hour journey.
Will I have to talk about my relationship with everyone at the retreat?
No. This is not a counselling or therapy session. There is no expectation to share any private details of your relationship or talk about your challenges or problems. You will however have an opportunity to discuss things with your partner and work through things together with the help of your workbook.
Do I need to do it with my partner?
Yes this Retreat is for couples.
What do I need to bring?
Full water bottle, yoga mat, small blanket, swimmers, towel and an open mind.
Is this investment worth it?
If $650 could guarantee you a happier future with your partner and meant you enjoyed the next 20, 30, 40 years together, would that be a wise investment? What if it simply meant you set a better example for your kids of what a healthy relationship looks like and then they grew up to experience much healthier and happier relationships. Would that be worth $650?
Will this work for me?
The Re-Create Your relationship Retreat will work for you, if you do the work — there’s no magic button. You will have to roll up your sleeves and IMPLEMENT what we teach. But if you’re in a relationship and you're looking for a simple and easy step by step proven framework to improve communication, connection and intimacy in your relationship and create the relationship of your dreams... then yes this is for you. 
If I don't like it can I get a refund?
We'd be very surprised if that happens. We've poured our hearts into this and have included content we KNOW works. We do not offer refunds because we fully stand behind all the incredible value within the retreat and we're here 100% to help you Re-Create your relationship. Part of you being able to do that is to make a commitment that you’re all in on this both energetically and financially… so are you all in?
Do you have any testimonials I can check out from past clients?
Yes of course. We have included these testimonials from past clients on this page. Scroll above to read them!
What kind of support does the Retreat include?
The retreat includes support on the day, 1 x relationship breakthrough session and 1 x zoom call to follow up and help you integrate everything you learnt 1 week later. 
"It's time to...


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