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        The FREE 5 Day Relationship Challenge

        A free, online 5-day relationship challenge to take your relationship from surviving to THRIVING! Discover the secrets to a thriving, passionate, loving & supportive relationship in just 5 days, from the comfort of your own home.

        In 5 days you'll discover:
        • The secret skills behind a life-long loving and passionate relationship
        • ​How to finally get on the same page and feel like you are working as a team
        • ​The fatal "3 C's" that are causing your man to shut down and not treat you like a Queen
        • ​How to connect to your man like never before & have him treat you like the Queen you truly are
        • ​How to connect to your woman like never before and have her worshipping you like the King you are
        • ​And so much more!
        the 5 day relationship challenge
        6 week couples communication challenge

        The 6 Week Couples Communication Challenge

        The 6 Week Couples Communication Challenge is an in depth online course designed to radically upgrade your understanding and skills of communication in your relationship so that you can get on the same page and feel like a team again in your marriage.

        The Challenge follows the Heart 2 Heart Method, which is a unique system to achieve a happy and loving marriage. The Heart 2 Heart Method is a completely new and unique approach to communicating in your relationship so you can get on the same page and restore trust, fast!

        This is an online course which has a quick and easy daily lesson, followed by an easy online challenge which has been designed to be completed in about 10-20 minutes a day. 

        In just 6 weeks you'll discover: 
        • Week 1: In week 1 we'll get clearn on where you are and where you want to go as well as discuss some of the foundations of a happy, healthy, intimate relationship
        • ​Week 2: In week 2 we take a deep dive into better communication so you both feel connected and on the same page, working as a team
        • ​Week 3: Overcome resentment - We dive into why we feel resentment and how we can begin to repair and rebuild our relationship so we both feel like our needs matter and we are getting what we need in the relationship
        • ​Week 4: Connection & Support - Feeling connected and supported by your partner is a critical element of a happy relationship. You'll learn why you may not feel supported and connected to your partner and exactly what you can do to turn it around
        • ​Week 5: Trust & Happiness - We all get together because that special someone makes us feel happy but somehow it fades over time so in this week we focus on bringing back the happiness and also how to repair and rebuild trust if this is an issue in your relationship
        • ​Week 6: Grow Together - The last week is all about how can we continue to grow together and take our relationship to even new heights where the communication is openly flowing, we feel deeply connected to each other and there's an abundance of trust and happiness.

        The Ignite & Unite Relationship Program

        Our most in depth and transformative relationship program designed for couples who want an incredible relationship in the shortest time possible. This is the perfect solution for couples who are time poor and want a quick and effective solution to their relationship challenges.

        In this program we cover everything you need to know about experiencing the communication, connection, trust, love, happiness and intimacy you desire and deserve.

        This program also includes optional 1:1 coaching calls as well as unlimited email and sms support so you have the dedicated support and guidance you need to overcome your biggest challenges and achieve your relationship goals.

        There is also a private Facebook community which is packed full of past trainings which provide additional support and guidance. You can also connect with other members and receive all the support you need. 

        Throughout the program we will take a deep dive into topics such as:
        • How to finally feel safe, seen and understood as a woman
        • ​How to finally feel appreciated, honoured and successful as a man
        • How to bring back the communication even when it's non existent
        • How to communicate effectively to build connection
        • How to repair and build trust
        • How to finally feel like a team again and on the same page
        • Masculine & feminine energy
        • The differences in men and women in a relationship
        • Intimacy
        • And so much more! 
        Book a FREE 45-minute call by clicking the button below to learn more and become our next success story!
        Ignite & Unite Relationship Program
        6 week couples communication challenge

        The Worthy Woman Coaching Program

        The Worthy Woman Coaching Program is designed for you to fill up your cup and soothe your soul from the inside out.

        I've created this program for stressed and overwhelmed women that are currently closed off from soul nourishment. I want to help you feel calm and content in yourself and show you HOW to open up to MORE self love and love in your relationships!

        In this program we will work one on one to focus on mindset, embodiment of the feminine, soul nourishment and your relationships. 

        Through loving support, deep self enquiry, practices and healing sessions we uncover the energetic blocks holding you back and release them with love.

        Together we create a new loving and truthful connection and story with who you are becoming. The woman who has an inner confidence and knows she is worthy!

        If you are ready to become that worthy woman and take the journey home to your true authentic self book in a FREE Self Love Session by clicking the link below.

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        Diana & Mark Client Testimonial
        "Our house has been so harmonious this week. Everyone seems happy, there has been very few conflicts. A lot of support and light hearted fun."
        Diana & Mark
        Perth, WA
        Nuria & Dave Client Testimonial
        "Since starting the program I have been speaking my truth and leaning in more and more and the results have been amazing."
        Nuria & Manuel
        South Africa
        Brooke & Kael Client Testimonial
        "I’ve noticed a change with us, no one is trying to ‘win’ anymore we are communicating differently and I definitely feel safer with my husband, there’s more trust."
        Brooke & Kael
        Busselton, WA

        "We Love What We Do Because...

        We love helping couples turn their relationship around. From something that is causing so much pain and suffering to something that becomes their greatest source of love, joy and fulfillment"

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